January 29, 2010

Me & Korean Actor (PARK SHI HOO)

Jgn jeles ya...

January 2, 2010

Lesson in 2009

What i have learn in 2009:
1 In May were assign additional task: PA to MD with this task I relinquish my task in interviewing people
2 I also understand that someone loves me unconditionally
3 I hv a jealous friend, but i thinnk is a healthy jealousy
4 Had my first Hypo at 2am
5 To mind my own business & don't care about others in the office eventho mata saya jd sakit di buatnya
6 Translate all my MD text to Malay -arrama ni yg paling susah my BM were only P7 during SPM & my MD is puzzle as to why I'm a malay with not good malay, so i told him there also Japanese but not good in the language
7 With the Co paycuts, I hv manage to leran to budget myself again, kalu sebelum tu tipa2 bulan beli DVD aje at about RM200/mth now there are some taht i will watch online eventho i hate it..but duit online plk jd meningkat RM98/mth sbb nak speed yg tinggi
Cuma yg 1 ni aje i still hv not learn 'Dr Chan punya mulut knp lah bising sgt bila mmol saya dia punya bebel rasa suami saya pun tak mcm tulah..apa nak buat dgn mulut Dr Chan ni ek?? TAMPAL OR STAPLER kan dia??