December 24, 2011

Shin Nian Omedetto

hem..times fles really fast..
we will be welcoming 2012 in few days time...
it's time to reflect what hv gone wrong , how do we over come it & how not to let it happen in near by fact history is important ...knp plk history ni tak di ajar lg kat sekolah rupanya...
for me, toward the end of the year my biggest challenge was to move on, out of my comfort zone & try new 40 this is a big steps & i wish i have done it sooner.. perhaps dgn rezeki ALLAH SWT i get a much more better chance in 2012 & realize my dreams to be in korea to meet my fav star JO INSUNG  & SO JISUB.....

December 11, 2011

Oldies series TV shows

Sabtu lepas sbb dek terpikir knp lah bdk2 skr punya hal i tertgk kat youtube series2 kat TV yg masa tu saya masih either bersekolah primary or secondary or college...
padanlah skr punya bdk2 lain berbonar dr saya yg dibesarkan dgn series:
1)6million dollar man
2)bionic woman
3)charlies angles
4)wonder woman
5)secret of isis
8)happy days
9)little house on the prairie
11)eight is enough
15)space 1999
16)battelstar galactica (mind u yg lama tau bkn yg skr punya)
17)buck rogers in the 25th century
18)7 heaven
19)misfit of science
now days all the series are fill non-senses scene which is NOT suitable for school children...i think the government should think back why are we like this & why are the current student as they are right now.. dah lah fresh grad..srh tnya utk keja temp tak nak...bolh ke dia tnya kita balik keja temp tu lps 3bln yg pn ckp tu saya akan di serapkan keja eh?? adusss what are the english teacher teaching now??
for those who don't quite familiar with the series I'm talking about pls check youtube

December 3, 2011


entah knp but it seems my rezeki betul tahun ni i got another offer again just 2days ago...this time from matsaleh plk...but its a bit funny factory building is 90% ready prodction suppose to start by apr'202 but yg menghairan kan 1 lesen pun TAKDE hemmmmm what do u all think??