October 29, 2007

My Kia

Huk2, Pagi ni on the way to Office, my precious KIA were hit by a motorcyslist,,,,,,,wa wa wa!!!! tp nasib baik org motor tu tak jatuh sebelah kiri kalu tak dia pun terus masuk lubang 7kaki dalam. Yg funny is bila dgar bunyi "Tumb" tgk kat belakang apa yg langgar, rupanya dia terjatuh... his reasons for not being carefull is becoz the road is slippery...
I'm working in a bussiest area in Johor - Pasir Gudang, tp dari dulu lagi tak ada org nak ambil kisah langsung ttg H/W di Pasir Gudang ni...tiada special road for motorcycylist, for 11years I kerja dah berapa banyak accident yg cozkan kematian berlaku di depan mata, tp tak ada tindakkan langsung, dah banyak kali committee HR request heavy vehicle ada certain time utk gunakan HW ni pun tak ada apa.. diam aje..agaknya Malaysia dah terlampau ramai rakyatnya so each & everyone of our life are worthless....

My Kia

October 24, 2007

Eh! Kenapa video W.Bat ni tak keluar pulak?apa pulak yg rosak.......
Raya mood kat opis masih ada lagi tp, KF tengah puasa enam ni & nak bayar puasa sekali.. ah tau kenapa ramai yg puasa time ni.. sbb Magrib cepat.. ha3

Ok skr ni baru abis tengok drama K tajuk "lover" malangnya semua rakan sekerja kata heronya TUA (Lee Seo Jin, Tua ke) wa... adakah org yg dah berumur 35 tua????? nak kena ni semua org yg kata 35 TUA

October 19, 2007

Gambar&video ni di ambil early this year for Wan Batrishah 2yrs old B'day .. See how cute she dance & there a photos of Kak Enab, Mariam, Tot & Tot's friend...see how bergaya they are...he3

October 18, 2007

Back to work

Wah! today is my first day back to work & what a mess, the whole computer systems can't be up, I can't send email to all & in my line of work I need to send email back & fort to my Japan Office & today the whole day I need to use the phone & the Recep at Japan office can't even speak a single English, my Jap is 1/2pass six.. wa wa wa I feel like crying today..... Mihara-san help...........

The whole 6days (including Sat&Sun) were spend:
1st&2nd day of raya at home waiting for my relatives to come, saw my cousin who I have not seen for the past 18years, she came back from Scotland with her Mat Salleh husband & sons.
My 2 sisters came back on the morning of Raya eve so nothing much could be done, accept for the chicken rendang my Kak Long cook it on the early morning of raya,& on the 3rd day my younger sister manage to damage the recycle chicken rendang by burning it on the gas stove while trying to reheat it (yahoo save by the burnt chicken rendang), on the 4day all of us were sick of eating Laksa Johor, I manage to convince my mom to freeze it in the freezer for Kak Enab, Kak Munah& Mariam to taste it after they come back from their Kg, Kak Enab & Kak Munah are sister & have been working for my mom for the last 28years.. Mariam is my Kak Long maid who's back to her home town in Jawa Barat, she will be back by 25Oct, I miss this 3persons so much...
My sister in law came back on the 2nd day of raya & were stuck at home from 1pm till after Isyak, the dish were being help by my nephew Nizam & Nabil who came back from TUDM & Cairo, Nizam look thinner, he lost 5kg due to training & still didn't get his allowance, he's now on his 4th month at TUDM, Nazim are with his antic taking candid photos of everyone & laughing to himself.
My Kak Long granddaughter Batrishah got fickle minded on the eve of raya when my younger sister & I went to buy some last minute items at CARE4, we wanted to buy her a Tee & skirt but she wanted jeans & lastly she ended up with a tricycle.. she were so happy peddling the whole CARE4 ground & when she got tired both of us have to push her instead. (wonder who gave her that idea)

My bf were down with fever on the 4th day of raya, due too many "WHEN ARE WE GETTING M" questions were pop out on the 3rd day of raya by my family side, which in turn were a blessing in disguise as I didn't manage to have my raya with his family, so I'm not sick.... ha3
Every one went back yesterday & everyone plan to come back for Nashrul's wedding on 1Dec'07 at my Kak Long's in-law house which is just opposite of our house...

Didn't manage to snap any photos guys eventho I did buy the battery for my digi cam... too many things to do, but I got only 2 hands, sorry guy but i promise to take some during Nashrul's wedding....

Still angry with the rat for eating Shah's fruit cake....

October 9, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Hello semua, Hari Ni nak Khaskan topic pada semua yg saya kenali...Adiena, Lin, Terra & Shah SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN:

Jika ada Siang pasti ada Malam
Jika ada Hitam pasti ada Putih
Jika ada Kesalahan pasti ada Kemaafan

1) Kek Shah KF dah courier
2) Kek Terra KF beri pada driver

Check list KF semua dah siap rasanya tinggal tunggu nak raya aje.. KF nak cepat2 raya.. cuti raya bermula dr 12Oct - 17Oct, 18Oct dah naik kerja.. ni yg pening ni... dah cuti lama2 computer kat atas kepala ni mesti tak nak gerak punya...

Gambar di atas gambar raya tahun lepas, bersama Kak Long, Adik, Anak Saudara, Abg Ipar & Sepupu dari UK bersama anak & suaminya....

October 8, 2007

Today, I want to talk about work, being a Malaysian work force we sometimes do not know how to appreciate what we have now. We always take for granted what we have & never even try to pursue or be better. When are we going to wake up?

Working with Japanese have not only open my mind but my view in lots of things, as a Malaysian why can't we be better or at par with them?

This what all of us should be thinking now, "How make our self more marketable" "How to be a better worker" bukan dgn cara membodek lah... but in genuine way...
Through my experience we are lacking here & there but if we preserve than we sure can be as what my dream are

October 5, 2007

2day I want to share on what I love & what I hate the most:

1.Strays animal being run down on the streets
2.Drivers who do not show if they are going left or right
3.Drivers who throw things from their windows
4.Drivers who spit out of their windows

1.Lee Dong Gun voice when he sing (hope u could hear this song)
2.Mom's garden after the rain
3.My cat after her bath (she died 1week after raya last year)
4.All office work if is done perfectly

October 4, 2007

Hari Raya, wah lagi 1 miggu kita beraya... yg penting nya makin sibuk minggu ni.. sibuk dgn apa: 1) Pasang Langsir tak baru yg lama 2) Kemas kubur lagi 3) Duit raya nak masuk sampul 4)baju raya nak basuh & gosok (sbb abg ipar tak ade jd tak de pengosok baju raya ni)

Yang penting anak saudara makin berkurangan kena beri duit raya sebabnya dah bekerja hanya tinggal 1 aje yg sekolah & si kecil Wan Batrishah (cemetot, Tok Mummy)....(ni cucu saudara, KF).. sayangnya dia... SAVE cikit duit....

October 3, 2007

Friendship.... sometimes in life, we are face with difficult time.... when, what we actually mean to say is not what the other preside.... why do this happen??? I also don't have the answer & worst still it happen to me yesterday & I feel like an atomic bomb have landed in my whole perfect world ... I'm still trying to digest ,what on earth are my friend trying to imply.... to my dearest friend I hope s/he, know who I'm talking about, this is how I feel about what happen yesterday:-

"why is it that whenever you hurt me, even tho I know you are wrong, but I'm the one who always feel like I 'm the one at fault" I have NOT done anything to hurt you......

Anyhow I would like to talk about diabetes, I have been diagnose as a person intolerant of sugar, so I have to beware on what I eat esp those sweets things & my director, 1 person who always impact my life is also a diabetes... to all my friends out there please beware this sickness is not hereditary but can be obtain if you are not careful on your diet... best is to avoid all the frizz drinks & you need to exercise at least 30min per day.........

October 2, 2007

Thanks, Terra

KF belum tau apa nak letak dlm blog ni, baru masuk kan gambar Most Fav person on earth .. Lee Dong Gun.. Shah mcm mana nak letak gambar bayak2????

Apa nak ckap hari ni?? Sometimes we are face with best friends yg betul menyakitkan kita.. mcm yg KF hadapi sekarang ni.. Geram pun ada Marah pun ada but bcoz they are your friends susah nak buat..

As you know I'm facing dilemma can't make choices between to go or not, my bosses are really giving me a hell of time by making me so very confuse in choosing what's right & what's not......

Org melayu kata di luah mati mak di telan mati bapak....hem!!!

October 1, 2007