February 25, 2008

Item lost Item Gain

Life is funny u loose & u'll gain, I lost the love of my life who have stayed with me for the past 19years (Tompok) u'll b remember always & by then I gain Wan Batrishah Syasmeen (Isha) who is always against me coz i always like to bully her..ha3...when she see the moon, i'll tell her that not moon that's the sun, star or otherwise, when she want an Ice Cream Cone I'll ask her to eat it when she is standing on the wet towel so that the melt ice cream will not be difficult to wipe ha3

February 12, 2008

My Aunt

My aunty pass away peacefully last Saturday,al-fateha to her & may she RIP

The funny thing is I were needed to open the factory & not in my "baju kurung" i went straight to my aunt hse in Kempas.
Requesting my mom & elder brother to bring in my "Arbaya" guess what my bro said after giving me the "Arbaya" "O baju adik Harry Potter ni lah Arbaya"

After the funeral I realize how fortunate all of us are, my aunt is a muslim convert, my paternal grandmom & so is my grandmom&father from my dad side all are also from a convert decendent but all off us comes out okay as all of us from us from my cousin, their sons & daughter were around to recite the "Yasin" for her.. i sometime wonder why now most people don't want to be close to "Allah" since "Allah" is only solace that you can find. I myself feel so very great each time after performing the "solat"...

February 4, 2008

When you reach a certain age, tu lah yg kena berhati2 ttg apa yg di makan & esp bila mcm kita yg berkerja di dlm air-con tak bersenam prone to all penyakit.. jd sbb tu kena execersie Dr kata, kena keluar lah cerita nya........
Sorry guys, bz with work, now lunch hrs jd bolh ular sikit... hem apa nak ckp eh???oh! ya....:-

Terra - tudung2 cantik bolh buat tempahan utk raya tak?
Shah - belajar2 jgn tak belajar
Adiena - kenapa senyap aje
WK - lagi senyap tengah betapa kat gua mana??

2 the rest cuba buka link ni, best mv dr rain. Tp kalu nak ikut dia joget mmg semput bg Fid larr, tak tau kalu yg lain nak cuba..(tgk kat video bar, eh!)WK boleh ikut nyanyi ke?? Lin ikut joget eh...

Skr ni mission utama tiap2 mlm kena excersise 1hr kalu tak nak Dr marah.. oh kena marah juga dgn Dr gigi sbb terlupa appointment wa wa wa...Y kena marah aje dgn Dr2 ni...